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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Green Gardener: The Community Garden

I've been fascinated with community gardens since I first caught a glimpse of the British "allotment" gardens, where gardeners hang out in their funky huts and shoot the breeze while they watch their carrots grow. Across the U.S., interest is skyrocketing in community gardens, and while each plot may not have it's own mini-house, they still exude personality.
Entrance to the Davis Community Garden
Even out of season, there are stories in this college town community garden...who was successful, who's still at it even tho the summer season has passed, who hung out at the garden "club house" (lean-to with picnic table)
tool shed
Southside Community Garden
Southside Community Garden has several plots's on 3rd Street in Sacramento, just north of Hwy 50. Tell Tony that, "Jeannie sent you!"

Here's some cool resources I've come across that you might enjoy:
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Sacramento Community Gardens

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