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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Green Gardener: November Wrap-up

are you a green gardener?

Today's the last day of my month-long green gardening posting project. But...stay tuned, as there are lots of things happening in the green world that will affect how we landscape. In my neck of the woods, there are big changes as of January 1. In general, I'm not for big, sweeping mandated governmental programs, but, I'm excited about this new legislation! From what I understand, it will mostly affect commercial and larger landscaping projects, which will have to have their irrigation system approved and their planting plan as well, so that there's a balance of high, low and medium water requiring plants. This, in itself, will raise awareness regarding our plants "water budget" requirements, and I expect, will introduce a new landscape style...casual and natural and (gasp!) lawn-free  where there's life occurring in the front yard!  I also understand there will be some sexy rebate programs for the smart irrigation controllers, including installation.

Do you like my cow? Me, too! It was painted by my friend, Silvia. I would like this cow in my front yard! Of course, I'd also like a few acres and a barn!

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