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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Green Gardener: Vermiculture Redux

(gummy worms can't make compost, but they taste good!)

A good, productive soil has lots of organic matter in it. If  Mother Nature had her way, the leaves that fell in the fall would stay and decompose and eventually work their way back into the soil. One of those natural cycles. But, we don't always go with the Mother, do we? We rake our leaves and put them out for the green waste haulers. And, then, have to haul in manure and compost to enrich our soil, or don't and wonder why our soil is so in the suburbs. This is why I'm interested in worms. I think I could put my coffee grounds, food and vegetable scraps in a box and have some worms turn it into compost and trot it out to some lucky garden spot. I think I could do that. But I'm a, I'm sending you over to the Vegetable Gardener, where Chris McLaughlin can tell you a lot more...she's even got a video!

On Friday I linked to VermiDragon Farm, a worm farm supplier in the California's Sierra foothills. Today I got a note from fellow bloggers, Toronto Gardens, who had high praise for All Things Organic.

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  1. Hi Geno, love your worms they look very tasty. I have actually been a very good girl this weekend and 'harvest' mulch, doesn't sound like a perfect weekend? The sun was actually out so I just had to go out...and mulch my potager ;-)

  2. Love your "gummy worms" proclamation! My "All Things Organic" stacked worm composter is doing well, in spite of my benign neglect. I toss in scraps every week or so.

    It doesn't smell, and no worms have escaped. Unlike the open box worm composter I started with many years ago, which regularly featured adventuring worms in the middle of my kitchen floor.

    I think I am definitely propagating more worms, if I haven't actually used any of the vermi-poo on my garden yet.