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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Green Gardener: Recycling for Great Garden Art

Old doors aren't that hard to find, and look what a great focal point it makes at High Hand Nursery.

My dad's old wheel barrow is a treasure, its rusted holes make for good drainage for swiss chard and these lettuces...

Don't you adore this cobbled together gardener's hut at the Fair Oaks Blvd. Nursery?

These birdhouses were made by the man in the picture (I have his number somewhere, call me...) out of things like wood scraps and Dough-Boy pool liners.

My friend Lynn (Red Studio Design), is a garden designer and artist. She made this self-sculpture out of wicker and odd bits.

A father/son team in Davis crafted these charming garden outhouses out of scrap materials found in the local dump.

I don't know about you, but, it makes me want to go hunting for treasures...old rusty bicycles and lawn mowers, even tractors...

(My daughter,Liesel, and her friends Brianne and Betsy at the Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery getting ready for their CD release party of Donavan's Tribute Concert, The Great Songs of the Sky)

Call me if you need a dump run buddy!
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